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The future of tigers, the future of us

Next generations, our grandchildren and their children, will probably see tigers only in zoos. Isolated from the nature and its selective forces, these tigers will only be faded images of real tigers; domesticated captives who can endure a life in cages and artificial gardens. Only after several generations in captivity, they will begin to loose their vigor and behavioral repertoire that enable them to survive in nature, which but doesn’t exist anymore.

What is a world without tigers? For me, our planet will loose with tigers one of its most charismatic and beautiful figures. You might or might not care much about tigers, but bear in mind: The extinction of tigers is only a symptom of a much grander problem that should concern the whole humanity. Our grandchildren might be richer in cars, computers, mobile phones and other gadgets, but they will be much poorer in natural resources that add so much beauty and meaning to our lives. As even economists and finance professionals begin to understand 1, nature provides us with more than meaning and beauty: Food (f.e. fish in ocean), clean air and water, stable climate, stable ecology, sustainable farm lands without erosion …

The threatening extinction of tigers tells me that there is something wrong in our modern civilization. We are becoming slaves of our own economy and high population. If it goes on like this, the majority of people on the world will be forced to live like robotic social insects, like ants and termites. The individuals who can not endure the routine, colorless and narrow life styles in global corporates, fabrics and shopping centers without the diversity of nature will systematically be eliminated from the society. All doctrines of politics and economy will naturally be adapted to this system. Our grandchildren will learn at school that this is development, and they are living better lives. Finally, the humanity will end up with 1% managers and leaders, and 99% well educated (!) high-tec slaves, as termites of the economic system.

Am I writing too black? I hope so. I hope, our grandchildren will live in a different world than I can predict today. Let’s see what happens to tigers. If our modern civilization can save tigers from extinction in nature, it can also save its own future from total slavery.

Coming back to tigers, I will put every piece of interesting information I can find about tigers into this page. I will begin with some preliminary information to be extended with new comments, pictures and videos within time. Any kind of contribution like comments, questions and recommendations would be very much appreciated. Please feel free to add anything you know about tigers with your comments that might interest readers.

I will also add videos of some documentary value to this page, trusting that their original publishers like youtube etc. don’t violate copyrights.

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoglu

In the shadow of the Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger, once numbered in the thousands ranging from Eastern Russia to North Korea… But poaching and habitat destruction are taking their toll. Today, less than 400 Siberian tigers exist in the wild.

Bengal tigers (HD)

Tiger cubs learn to hunt and all other essential tools for survival from their mother. After 18 months, she finally boots them out (i.e. dismisses), and they can begin to establish their own territory.


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  1. Maybe I should exclude finance professionals, especially the investment managers and bankers from this statement; there is not yet enough evidence that a significant portion of them begin to understand. []

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  1. Two new video films from National Geographic are added to the links for tigers: Tiger Prey and Tiger Terror.

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