Tigers for sale (digital pictures)

Selected premium tiger pictures of poster size from finaquant to buy and download instantly at Payloadz.com. Once purchased, digital goods cannot be returned back. Please visit contact for any inquiries.

Copyrights: These digital photographs with finaquant logos can be purchased for personal use only (printing posters or postcards, wall paper, screen saver etc.); they cannot be distributed or sold to third parties.

Buy the tiger pictures below at Payloadz.com

Handsome Siberian tigerHandsome Siberian tiger, $4.90
File type: JPEG (4.66 MB)
Pixel size: 3112 x 2334 px
Print size: 26.37 x 19.78 cm at 300 ppi (10.37 x 7.78 in)
Aspect ratio: 4 x 3 (W x H)

Bengal tiger running at the beachBengal tiger running at the beach, $4.90
File type: JPEG (12.1 MB)
Pixel size: 5100 x 3400 px
Print size: 43.18 x 28.79 cm at 300 ppi (17.00 x 11.33 in)
Aspect ratio: 3 x 2 (W x H)

Mother tiger with cubsMother tiger with cubs, $4.90
File type: JPEG (5.48 MB)
Pixel size: 2588 x 3882 px
Print size: 21.91 x 32.87 cm at 300 ppi (8.63 x 12.94 in)
Aspect ratio: 2 x 3 (W x H)

Tiger on a treeTiger on a tree, $4.90
File type: JPEG (8.48 MB)
Pixel size: 3552 x 2664 px
Print size: 30.07 x 22.56 cm at 300 ppi (11.84 x 8.88 in)
Aspect ratio: 4 x 3 (W x H)

Help tigers: All sales revenues after affiliate and payloadz commissions will be donated to WWF for tiger conservation projects.

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