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Finaquant Protos 1.06 installation file
User Manual Finaquant Protos 1.04

Download installation file and user manual of finaquant® protos, the Table Function library.1. This free (zero-priced) .NET library can only be used for non-commercial purposes like education and science2. See installation and getting started. Please send your questions and comments to forum.

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Table Functions

  • Analytical table valued functions with in-memory tables as input and output parameters (like standard formulas in excel)
  • A framework for user-defined table functions (like user-defined formulas in excel)
  • Complex table calculations can be formulated easily with general-purpose table functions, without sql-based database programming (similar to matrix calculations with math software like matlab or R).
  • Ability to store all the table valued parameters of multiple calculation instances in a relational database like MS SQL or MySQL

All table operations and calculations with in-memory data, just like matrices!
Table calculations with in-memory data (RAM)

finaquant® protos can be used for applications like:

  • Table Computations and Table Mathematics with .NET
  • Artificial Intelligence: Estimations and Predictions based on historical data; incl. Simulations & Optimizations
  • Function Trees with data tables as input and output parameters
  • Cause-effect relationships and networks with table data

Microsoft Visual Studio project with Demo Functions
Download Visual Studio project FinaquantProtosStarter which is the best training tool for Getting Started with Table Functions. You may find in it a demo function for every group of Table Function.

Functions included in the .NET library:

What is new with finaquant® protos:
Table functions and table mathematics. Some table functions like Allocations & Distributions and FOX formulas are embedded in expensive business software like SAP that are used for accounting, financial planning and reporting. These are but only a subset of the table functions that are available in finaquant® protos.
Read: Why finaquant® protos? Listen: Why Table Functions?

Open-Source projects
We offer integration related code (open-source) for .NET developers with GNU General Public License (GPL) at CodePlex:

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Because finaquant® protos is a growing prototype, new releases can be published as often as monthly.
You can subscribe to release updates to stay informed about new features. Note that you can always unsubscribe.


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  1. Matrix and vector functions come as a byproduct. See User Manual for the list of available table, matrix and vector functions. []
  2. For commercial use see finaquant® calcs, Calculation Engine based on Table Functions. []
  3. A subtable transformer applies the same table (or matrix) function on every subtable of an input table. []
  4. A function router applies selected table (or matrix) functions on selected subtables of an input table. []

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