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Finaquant Calcs 1.03 installation file
User Guide Finaquant Calcs 1.01

Download finaquant® calcs with primary features:
1) Table Functions (incl. Matrix & Vector functions)
2) Calculation Nodes & Networks
The initial 30-day evaluation license can be extended by purchasing one of the license options below for permanent commercial use.

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$250 $175
$1250 $875
License type
Single Developer
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Allowed row count for tables
Allowed number of threads
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* Please see installation for requesting and validating a permanent license. As owner of a permanent license you have the right to install and use all future releases of the library. Visit also Getting Started with Table Functions
* The three options listed above are end-user and developer licenses; you will need a special product or service license if you want to integrate finaquant® calcs into a software product for distribution or data services.
* Contact us for any inquiries, special licenses, consulting training & development services, and our special discounts to non-commercial organizations, educational institutes and developing countries. Email: contactfq (at)

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5-Minute Introduction to finaquant® calcs (video)

Table Functions
Table calculations with in-memory data (RAM)
Table Functions of finaquant® calcs can be compared to stored procedures of database engines like Oracle and MySQL, with the difference that table functions operate on in-memory tables.

Microsoft Visual Studio project with Demo Functions
Download Visual Studio project FinaquantCalcsStarter which is the best training tool for Getting Started with Table Functions. There is a Demo Function for every group of Table Function, including an example for Sales Commissions with a Calculation Network.

finaquant® calcs can be used for following purposes:

  • To implement analytical relationships (function trees) quickly and efficiently without tedious database programming (SQL, stored procedures etc.).
  • Once the analytical relationship (function tree) is implemented, all sorts of quantitative analysis can be carried out by programmatically varying the input values to generate some graphical reports for decision support, like forecasts and estimations, scenario analysis, simulations and optimizations.

Simulations with Calculation Engine
You can connect math software like Matlab, R or ILNumerics with the Calculation Engine implemented with finaquant® calcs for simulations, reporting and data visualization.

Relevant Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistical Estimations/Predictions/Simulations/Optimizations in Business & Science
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics (incl. Financial Planning, OLAP)
  • Commission/Fee/Performance/Bonus calculations
  • Analytical Data Processing for Reporting

… wherever analytical operations on historical data tables are involved.

Why you might need finaquant® calcs

  • You need to implement some analytical computations that are too complex for excel sheets.
  • You find no other choice to implement these computations other than time-consuming database programming.
  • Existing implementations (with any business application, or database programming) may not be not atomic, independent or flexible enough for scenario analysis and simulation.
  • To automate whole calculation processes including tasks like reading/writing data tables from/to databases, data validation, custom events functions triggered at configured stages.

Application Scope
finaquant® calcs can be used for both operational and analytical purposes.
Application Scope of finaquant® calcs
Examples for operations:
Calculation of Dealer or Sales Commissions, Performance Fees etc. to ultimately produce some invoices.

Examples for decision support:
Simulations for prediction models or optimizations, like estimated sales or expected commission amounts.

finaquant® calcs can’t be used for following purposes:

  • Daily business transactions like data registration or updates, and queries; this is a software for analytical computations only.
  • Reporting: Presenting sections and views of existing data with well formatted tables and graphs.
  • Data Mining: Automated detection of analytical relationships, classifications, correlation analysis..

Tables In, Tables Out
Solving analytical problems needs a holistic approach ignoring artificial business classifications like marketing analytics, risk analytics, commission or performance analytics, and so on.
Tables in, Tables out
In all these analytical applications you have some input tables, and you apply some analytical operations on these input tables to generate some meaningful output tables.

What kind of Table Functions are there in the library?
Type of Table Functions in finaquant® calcs
Visit: Getting Started with Table Functions

Why Table Functions?

  • To save much time and money for analytical database and table operations; you don’t need to invest in expensive software and consultants for Business Intelligence which is essentially Table Analytics.
  • A single general-purpose table function of finaquant® calcs can save you many weeks of sql-based database programming.
  • To convert database programming into table mathematics; focus on analytical essentials. If you can use excel and write macros you can learn table functions within weeks.
  • Audio: Why Table Functions?

Calculation Nodes & Networks
A Calculation Network with two Nodes
Briefly, this is what a Calculation Node does:

  1. Reads all input tables from databases or from the output of a another node.
  2. Validates all input tables.
  3. Executes the assigned table function to generate output tables.
  4. Validates all output tables.
  5. Writes output tables to the configured data stores.

Table Function Demo with Excel
Visit related article with a video for a more visual demonstration for Table Functions.


Software License
License Agreement Overview

License payments:
Payments cannot be refunded once a license is purchased.

Permitted use:
finaquant® calcs can be used for commercial purposes only by the legitimate license owner.

A hardware-specific license can only be used on the intended computer.

A temporary evaluation license (i.e. the initial license before you buy a commercial license) can be used only for evaluation purposes.

finaquant® calcs can only be distributed by Finaquant Analytics; it cannot be distributed by third parties directly or indirectly, or packaged within another product, without the explicit written permission of Finaquant Analytics.

A dedicated “product license” is required in order to package finaquant® calcs into another software product for distribution.

Source code:
finaquant® calcs is not an open-source software. It must not be manipulated or tampered with. The source code is protected by standard copyright laws.

Responsibility of use:
Finaquant Analytics provides no warranties for finaquant® calcs, and accepts no liability for direct or consequential damages caused by the use of this software product.

Change of computer:
If your license is hardware specific, and for some reason you want to install and use finaquant® calcs on another computer, you need to apply to Finaquant Analytics for a “computer-change request” (see product’s page on the internet).

This “computer-change” is a service which is subject to payment.
At least 30 days must have passed since license purchase or last request, in order to request a computer change.

Product upgrades:
A product upgrade is possible within three years after the initial license purchase, by buying a higher-version product.
The current price (i.e. not the purchase price) of the initial product is paid back to the customer after deducting the “upgrade service” costs.

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