Commission Calculator

Commission Calculator with finaquant® calcs – Calculation Engine based on Table Functions.

You don’t need to invest in expensive software projects for rule-based and configurable commission, fee, payout, bonus or performance calculations.

Data Flow & Commission Calculation

Our offer:
Complete package with Software, Implementation, Testing and Training:
$2500 for primary calculation method + $1000 for each additional calculation method

Each calculation method is a complex formula with data tables as input data. That is, each data table is an input parameter of the calculation. Contact us for more information and demonstration.

What sort of calculations:
Rule based Dealer, Sales, Payout or Bonus calculations in any industry, including Performance Fees in Finance. Rules can be configured as input tables (i.e. table-valued parameters). Any formula can be implemented with flexible Table Functions.

Advantage of Finaquant’s Commission Calculator:
Once the Calculation Engine is implemented for the required operational calculations, the same Calculation Engine can be used for analytical computations like Simulations, Scenario Analysis, Forecasts & Estimations, Risk Analysis and Optimization Scenarios.

Example: Sales/Dealer Calculation (Article)

Requirements for a successful implementation:

  1. A small team of developers (C#/.NET) on the customer side as technical contact for maintenance and further developments. Excel or matlab developers (macro/VBA) can easily be trained to work with Commission Calculator.
  2. Description of calculation methods and test data (input data with expected results)
  3. A computer or server with .NET and database (MySQL or MS SQL)

Integration partners:
Finaquant Analytics delivers only the central Calculation Engine that reads all the input data (data tables) from data stores and delivers the results as output tables.

Finaquant Analytics can provide a simple user interface like excel sheets. Integration partners may be required for more sophisticated User Interfaces (GUI) and Reporting.

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