We offer:

Training & Coaching for our .NET libraries with Table Functions, the non-commercial finaquant® protos (.NET Library with Table Functions) and the commercial finaquant® calcs (Calculation Engine based on Table Functions).

Complete Solutions with our business partners for quantitative projects in following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business & Science
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Statistical Predictions & Estimations based on historical data
  • Scenario & Risk Analysis; Simulations and Optimizations
  • Commission/Performance/Fee Calculations
  • Function Trees with data tables as input & output Parameters
  • Table Computations, Table Mathematics

As a product-oriented company, we offer training & support for our Calculation Engine which can be integrated with other quantitative applications like matlab or R for matrix computations.

We cover complementary services like consulting, integration, implementation and reporting with our affiliated business partners.

Please feel free to contact us for any business inquiries.

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