Founded in 2012 in Switzerland, Finaquant Analytics GmbH is a product-oriented software company that offers complete quantitative solutions (with its business partners) in following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business & Science
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Statistical Predictions & Estimations based on historical data
  • Scenario & Risk Analysis; Simulations and Optimizations
  • Commission/Performance/Fee Calculations
  • Function Trees with data tables as input & output Parameters
  • Table Computations, Table Mathematics

With finaquant® calcsCalculation Engine based on Table Functions – we have a unique product which can handle both operational (standard reports, invoices) and analytical computations (estimations, simulations, scenario analysis & optimizations).

We offer training materials, building blocks (our product) and coaching so that our customers can configure their solutions themselves (self-service and self-sufficiency approach).

We also offer solution-based consulting to support our customers in larger and complexer projects.

We have chosen tiger as a symbol for finaquant because it combines speed, power and elegance in a single body.

The name our company is derived from the attributes financial (fina-) and quantitative (-quant). Our interest is however not limited with financial problems. In fact, we want to be the top quantitative solution provider for also non-finance companies, non-profit organizations and scientific communities.

You can find related articles and downloadable supplementary material on this website. You can direct your questions and comments Finaquant Community Forum.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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