Installing finaquant® calcs

Installation of finaquant® calcs together with the Visual Studio project FinaquantCalcsStarter(including code examples) can be completed in 5 steps:

  1. Download installation file and install finaquant® calcs (comes with 30-day evaluation period)
  2. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C# Express 2010 (or 2012; they are both free)
  3. Download Visual Studio project file FinaquantCalcsStarter and unzip it under your document folder.
  4. Buy a license for permanent commercial use
  5. Activate your commercial license for permanent use

You can of course skip the second step if you have already Visual Studio C# Express 2010, or a higher version like Visual Studio Professional installed on your computer.

If you have already installed a previous release of finaquant® calcs, you need to uninstall it first before installing a new release.

Installation requirements

Operating systems: A Microsoft Windows OS like 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
.NET framework: 4.0 Client Package

An installation of Microsoft Visual Studio C# Express (2010 or 2012) ensures that you have 4.0 Client Package already installed on your computer.

How to determine which versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework are installed

Step 1: Installing finaquant® calcs

Download the installer file FinaquantCalcs at and run it.

You only need to accept the license agreement terms, and press subsequent NEXT buttons until FINISH.

Installation Calcs Install Shield

Finquant Calcs License Agreement

After a successful installation, following window must appear when you execute finaquant® calcs from your start menu:
Finaquant Calcs Tiger

Step 2: Installing Visual Studio C# Express 2010 or 2012

Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio C# Express 2010 (or 2012) can be downloaded for free at the following address:
Visual Studio Express

finaquant® calcs requires .NET 4.0 client version. Installing Visual Studio also ensures that you have the proper .NET version installed on your machine. Select the option “include Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express” during the installation, because you will need a database for Persistent Table Arrays and Calculation Nodes & Networks.

Step 3: Download and unzip Visual Studio project FinaquantCalcsStarter

You can download the zipped folder containing Visual Studio project FinaquantCalcsStarter at

We strongly recommend downloading FinaquantCalcsStarter because it is an ideal training and development tool with its code examples and demo functions.

Once you have unzipped the downloaded file under your document folder, you can begin working with the demo functions of finaquant® calcs by double-clicking on the Visual Project solution file FinaquantCalcsStarter.sln. Note that this solution file can be opened with both versions of Visual Studio; 2010 and 2012.

VS FinaquantCalcsStarter

Visual Studio should open as follows when you double-click the solution file shown above. By placing the cursor in a code file like Program.cs and by pressing the key F5 you can run your first demo function, namely Getting_started_from_zero.

Visual Studio - Finaquant Calcs

Step 4: Buy a permanent commercial license

Request/Buy a permanent license at through PayPal payment system.

Step 5: Request and validate your permanent license for ongoing use

finaquant® calcs is initially shipped with a 30-day evaluation license.

By filling out and sending the license request form which automatically appears when the evaluation period expires (or by calling the method CalcsHelp.ShowLicenseInformation) you can get and activate your permanent license.

Permanent License Form

Your transaction ID will be sent to you after you have purchased your license.

Note that you need to enter into the license form the email address you used for purchasing the license.

Still trouble with installation?

You can either post a comment to forum or contact us by email (contactfq(at) if you have problems with installation.

Uninstalling finaquant® calcs

You can uninstall finaquant® calcs as usual with your control panel (select and uninstall a program).

Uninstall Finaquant Calcs

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