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Tunc Ali and Elif Kütükcüoglu

Posing with my 2-year old daughter Elif, June 2011

I am the founder and sole owner of Finaquant Analytics in Switzerland, and the developer of all its software products:

.NET libraries with Table Valued Functions, Finaquant Protos (free, non-commercial) and Finaquant Calcs (commercial).

Recently, I developed an interest in the programming language Python that I use like an open-source Matlab, with its modules like NumPy, Pandas and MatPlotLib. You may find the Python module that I wrote for table-valued functions here.

I am originally an electrical engineer, with further studies in economy and finance. My interests are: Natural aquariums, wildlife, economy & environment, music, science & philosophy, analytical programming.

More information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries.
My email: tuncalik (at) finaquant dot com

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoglu

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